Louis and Faith discovered the mystery of the blue rugs for the first time after heading to bed on what would otherwise have been a normal night.


It had been a good day filled with family fun, playing video games, and of course, chores. And now, the evening had wound down, it was time again to fall into the quiet dreamland of sleep. Or so Louis thought.

He had barely fallen asleep when a persistent tugging on his blankets woke him. Opening one eye just enough to see if it was Orion, the family cat, he was surprised to see Faith with a handful of his blankets pulling on them with all her strength.

“Get up, get up!” she urgently whispered, barely able to contain herself.
“Go back to bed,” Louis said sleepily. He started to roll away from Faith, wrapping his covers around him. But Faith pulled harder, preventing his escape from her attentions.

“No—GET UP!” She said with much more intensity, and she wasn’t whispering now.
Louis worried she’d wake up their parents, pushed himself up off the mattress, threw off his covers, and crawled out of bed.

“What do you want, Faith? It’s the middle of the night!” his words cold and intense.

“Come look,” Faith said excitedly, pulling on his arm since he wasn’t moving fast enough for her.

“Look at what?” He asked. He was irritated and sleepy. But he knew if he didn’t go along with this, his sister would just keep it up and wake up Mom and Dad. So he followed Faith out of his room all the while telling her to keep quiet.

“Okay, okay,” he said, “but keep it down will ya?” Without answering him, she led him directly to the bathroom, practically dancing down the hall in her excitement. He glanced up, and then stopped short, frozen to the spot! He couldn’t believe his eyes!

As Faith hopped from one foot to the other, her hands clasped over her mouth so she wouldn’t squeal, he just stared, unbelievingly, into the bathroom.

“See—see—see!” Faith couldn’t hold back any longer, “SPARKLES!”

There, in the darkness of the hallway, a soft blue light emerged from the bathroom. Without looking at her, Louis reached for Faith, his hand coming to rest on her shoulder. Pulling her close to him, he stood, staring into the ever-increasing glow.

Once his eyes adjusted to the light, he could see the sparkles, twinkling as they floated above the two blue rugs on the bathroom floor, rising to the ceiling, spreading out and filling the room. Pulling away from Louis, Faith darted into the bathroom, and standing among the twinkling points of light, raised her arms, hands open, and giggling, began to twirl among them.

Still worried that Faith would wake their parents, Louis quickly stepped into the bathroom to pull her out but instead he found himself surrounded by the glittering lights. They didn’t seem to be hurting his sister; in fact, she seemed to be enjoying the bright points of light all around her.

He stepped further into the room. As he did so, the lights glowed even more brightly and began to fill the room with a golden hue. That’s when Louis noticed a slight tingling all over his body. The rugs began to vibrate.

The light was now so brilliant that he could no longer see the rugs, the walls, or fixtures in the bathroom, or Faith! But still he could feel his hand on her shoulder. The vibration beneath their feet became stronger as it moved up their legs, making their knees weak. They couldn’t stay upright any longer. Louis felt himself falling backward—in slow motion. Reaching for his sister, he took Faith with him as he landed on his bottom, Faith in his lap. It wasn’t the soft rug from the bathroom that he felt beneath him though. Faith was giggling; she was not afraid.

That’s when Louis realized they were falling!

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